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Coming from the art world, Sara founded Squar'd Away to create timeless pieces that elevate the everyday and are perfect for travel. Inspired by the traditional bandana's versatile style, our inaugural collection was born. Today, Squar'd Away continues to be inspired by Sara's global adentures and Mexican heritage, embodying a brand that's both familiar and inspirational.

Nothing Prepares you for parkinson's disease

Fashionably Joining the Fight

"Parkinson's Disease is a challenge that reshapes lives in unexpected ways. When my father's diagnosis loomed, I felt a rush to take action, to learn everything and explore any avenue that might defy the prognosis. Despite the eventual confirmation, the impact was staggering. Accepting the reality took time, and our family braced for the significant changes ahead.

A decade has passed, and my father remains my beacon of strength. His resilience, humor, and unwavering kindness continue to inspire me daily. He navigates each day with grace, and it's time for me to reciprocate. Supporting a loved one through Parkinson's is a journey fraught with uncertainty, leaving many unsure of how best to offer aid. Squar’d Away is my heartfelt endeavor to contribute and make a difference."



Giving Back

Squar'd Away will donate 20% of the proceeds from each sale to theMichael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. To date, the MJFF has funded more than $1 BILLION in research programs with every dollar raised immediately deployed to advance studies with the best chance of leading to new PD therapies and ultimately, a cure. 89 cents of every dollar spent by the foundation has gone straight to these research efforts.